Different Types of Sewing Machines

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When we are looking at different types of industrial sewing machines, there are 4 different types available. We have mechanical, Lockstitch, Electronic, & the computerized machines. Up until about 1960, the only type of machine available was the mechanical machine. Sewing machines have come a long way since they were invented in the 1800’s. We will get into the different types below.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Different Types of Sewing Machines. Type 1: Mechanical

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Mechanical sewing machines are less expensive than the other types. They are by far the easier build of the 3 types. Mechanical sewing machines are controlled by a rotary wheel with tension & stitch length knobs and dials. You will usually pay less for a mechanical machine over the 2 below.

Lockstitch Sewing Machines

Lockstitch sewing machines work with a bobbin and hook where the machine loops the thread and creates stitch patterns. Chain stitch machines use a looper to create stitches. The only problem with these types of chain stitching machines, is that they are not as strong as the others, and you won’t get as tight of a stitch.

Electronic Sewing Machines

The main plus to this type of sewing machine is that everything is automatic. Meaning, with some, you don’t need to turn the dials and knobs, it has settings built right in. Some machines may even cut the thread for you! The electronic industrial sewing machines became popular around the 1970’s. The cool thing about electronic sewing machines is that you can automatically set things like the stitch length, tension, etc.

Computerized Sewing Machines

Basically the computerized sewing machine is same as the above electronic machine. You will be able to work much faster with a computerized version as all of the settings are right infront of you. They contain the same chips as electronic machines, with the ability for you to upgrade cards, etc as you would like. The machines can do stitch patterns from the cards that you put in them.

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